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Elust 167 cover by Pod

Elust 167

Elust 167 is here and what an awesome cover Image courtesy of Pod1213. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the best sex blog posts from the past month.

Product Reviews

Beating Expectations With A Panty Vibrator

Review of the Joi Thrust by Honeyplaybox

The Hottest Vibe of the Year! See the Snail Curve in Action

Review: Magic Wand Micro

Midnight Menagerie Teufl

The Best Fucking Machine to Buy in 2023

Gosh, you really got some nice toys here barefoot sub, Liz X, Betty, Girlyjuice, Princess and Sex Toy DB.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

The Joy of Sex for Menopausal Women: How to Reignite the Flame

Quality post from Buzzvibes. Check out their products too.

Home for the Polydays

And a happy Polyday season to you too, Ready for Polyamory.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Maintenance Spanking: Why and How To Add It To Your Relationship

Silken Claws with much more than a handful of spanking advice.

Erotic Fiction

Red Panties and Purple Passions

Ramone finds a blackout mask draped over the spare room doorknob and the sounds of his wife in the throes of passion with another man. Every cuckolds wildest fantasy.

Bedroom Eyes 30

Jerusalem Mortimer with the latest adventures of Stephanie, Maires and their Master.

Books and Movies

Queer, Kinky, Poly Dracula And Its (Mis)Readings

Dracula! I love vampires. Never really thought about them as metaphors for forbidden sex, but it does make sense.

Walk All Over Me (2007): The Celluloid Dungeon

History of BDSM goes to the movies.

Sex Work

Come to Dubai Habibi

Oz enjoying sun, sand and forced bi duos in Dubai.

Locktober Special

Lady Phoenix holds the keys (to her slaves’ chastity cages).

Kink: Prostate massage

Mina Fontana gives a thumbs up to Prostate massage.

On Promises

Keep your promises to Louisa Knight.

Facility X Dungeon

My blog post.


This is really bad news from Sex Worker Search. It seems google’s latest bright idea is to expunge sex workers sites from their search results.

The F-Machine Gigolo Fucking Machine

Hellga puts the R in Male, Female, Robot double penetration threesomes.

fetters fuck bench facility x dungeon

Facility X Dungeon

One of my favourite regulars took me to Facility X Dungeon the other day.

He’s a kinky, dominant, dirty minded perv into anal action, big toys and fisting.

Facility X is the perfect setting for our fun and games.

It’s minimalist in decor. Kind of industrial and serious looking for the no nonsense kinkster who likes all their toys clearly arranged, everything neat and clinical and in it’s place, all their furniture built to specifications that could withstand a kaiju attack.

There’s a rather ominous looking sheet metal floor and plastic strip curtains. Butcher shop chic.

Even the four poster bed is made from solid steel and looks like you could hang a tractor off it.

My ass took a prolonged and relentless pounding whilst bent over their beautiful fetters spanking bench. Loved it. I could barely walk afterwards and am still recovering two days later.

Elust 166 Cover Heather Strong

Elust 166

A beautiful cover image thanks to Heather Strong and so many incredible sex blog posts in this month’s Elust 166! Happy reading. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Domina Decoded: 5 Femdom/Male Sub Principles

Super Smash Cache on how to rule over your male submissive and have him eating out of your hand.

Why Male Chastity Is Not A Femdom Essential

Silken claws on why chastity is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Erotic Non Fiction

Take A Look At Yourself

The barefoot sub in front of the full length mirror.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

How to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Man

GirlyBoy has switched endocrinologists and changed their hormone replacement therapy with a pronounced effect on their sensitivity and libido.

Get Popping: The Hot New Pleasure Trend

Betty’s Toy Box with a new technique and the toys best suited for this pleasurable way to play.

Wild Monogamy: interview with Mali Apple

Joan Price interviews one of the co-authors of a book on how partners can support one another in overcoming insecurities, inhibitions, shame, and self-consciousness that often accompany aging.

Product Reviews

The Basilisk

William from Musings of a switch reviews a monster dildo from Laphwing.

Worth Every Penny: Why Bloom’s AI Chat Is A Game-Changer

Liz Black road tests an erotic audio app with AI.

Erotic Fiction

The Gym

You meet a sexy stranger at the gym. Erotica written in second-person point of view by For Your Heart Only.

Steph’s Surprise

Gander in London presents a very sexy cuckolding scene.


Will the dare result in a reward or a penalty? By Dr Girlfriend for When Jerry Met Ali.

The Bradley Shower Pole

Gloryhole action in the bathhouse by Sinclair Sexsmith.

Writing about writing

Abundant Gratitude for Generosity and Grit

Ramone Quides gives thanks to those who have inspired his writing this month. Including Elust 🙂

Sex Work

Bring Your Fantasies to Life

Charlie Rose on different types of fantasies.

The Perfect Enquiry

Madeleine Rose on how to contact a sex worker.

Wiggly Worm the Cuckold. Duo With Sylvie

A red hot duo with Oz Bigdownunder.

Interview with Mike Stabile from Free Speech Coalition

Sex Worker Search interviews Mike Stabile, representing FSC,  the trade association of the adult entertainment industry.

MMF Duo with Oz Bigdownunder

My duo with Oz.

Fly Me To You. Police Role-Play in Dublin

Hellga takes no prisoners. Well. At least one prisoner is going to get taken. Up the butt.

MMF duo pic by midjourney

MMF Duo with Oz Bigdownunder


Image courtesy of Midjourney AI.

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program that creates images from whatever description you give it.

You can even ask it to create the picture in the style of a specific artist.

I wanted an image that would work well with this blog post about an MMF DP Duo with Oz Bigdownunder and a regular client of ours.

So I registered on Discord, paid for a subscription and asked Midjourney to make a picture in the style of Frank Frazetta of two men embracing one blonde woman.

The featured image is what Midjourney created. One of the guys seems to have six fingers but apart form that it’s pretty good!

This was the prompt I gave the AI = “A full length fantasy image of three people = two men and one woman. Two, strong, muscular men, one lighter, one darker, embracing a beautiful, blonde woman in the style of a romance novel book cover if the novel was illustrated by Frank Frazetta. The two men are embracing the same woman at the same time. The woman is in the middle.”

I had to play around with the wording a bit before it got the idea. At first it kept creating very vanilla images of one man and one woman cuddling but with a few extra sentences reinforcing the idea that it’s a threesome without saying threesome since that would offend the delicate sensibilities of the robot, it did create something quite perfect.

They make a lovely throuple. It looks like they just parachuted out of a plane to go on safari together. The boys are sharing one shirt. The six fingered man’s coiffure is magnificent.

I bought some credits on Open AI so I could try the same prompt with Dall-E but the images it created were all a bit too spooky. Midjourney handled the faces far batter than Dall-E which always seems to make people look like bits of Mr Potato melted together by Pablo Picasso.

Anyway, where was I. That’s right, getting fucked left, right and centre by two strapping, well-hung, bisexual studmuffins.

In the end, Oz came in my pussy. He’s the only one who can do that. He’s on PREP, we both got tested recently and we know everything about each others sexual proclivities. I trust him. He trusts me. He gets to spunk in my vaginal cavity. Then our man friend, who doesn’t have six fingers, licked me clean, gave me a deep French kiss then jerked himself off and came all over my face. And we rode off into the sunset on the back of an especially strong horse and all lived happily ever after.

Elust 163 cover Jordan Maxx

Elust 163

The Elust 163 Cover Image is courtesy of  Jordan Maxx. What a hotty!

Read on for the best new sex blog posts on kink, fetish, sex and relationships, sex toys, spanking, sex work and erotica.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Accepting Sadism: Separating Hurt and Harm

15 Sex Room Decor Themes To Consider

7 Steamy Skills For Soft Dom Dirty Talk

Kylie Cockwhore’s Kinky Commentary Part Two

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Embrace Your Inner Wildness and Take a Leap of Faith

Public Sex

Product Reviews

Tenga Geo Coral Masturbator Review

Review of the Wave Shower Head Stimulator by Womanizer and Hans Grohe

Sucky Ducky. Funzze Clit Sucking Toy Review

Viben Fierce Wand

Erotic Fiction

Blowing Off Steam


Hot Spanking Scene

Erotic Non Fiction

Red-Bottom Blues

Sex Work

Stepping Into a World of Feet

Blue Door Dungeon

How to be an Ideal Client

The ‘Mommy Goddess’ and the Mass Reporting of Sex Workers on Instagram

Double Penetration with Big Dildos

Chat GPT, Bing AI and Google Bard’s Opinions on Sex Work

sandra blue door dungeon

Blue Door Dungeon

A new client contacted me last week and got straight to the point saying he’d already booked a dungeon for that evening and would like me to join him there as a professional submissive to receive a spanking.

He told me the time, location and what he would like to do. 6pm, Blue Door Dungeon, handcuffs, blindfold, spanking with wooden paddle and stainless steel anal hook.

He asked me to come to meet him dressed in a secretary uniform. High heels, stockings, short skirt and sheer blouse with no bra or panties.

All fine with me. He agreed to my rate and to my limits. Security buddy to drop me off, cash up front, safety call to my security buddy after payment, no bruises, marks or injuries, my safe words to be respected and responded to instantly, security buddy coming back at agreed time to collect me.

I liked his no nonsense approach. Often I need a bit more notice but my Friday evening was free so I was happy to accept.

I arrived at the dungeon at 6pm exactly and he arrived at the same moment so we went in together. I love going commando and wear sheer white tops with no bra at every opportunity so the outfit he’d requested was exactly my style.

Once we were inside the entrance to the dungeon, he paid immediately as agreed. I quickly reiterated my limits and safe words.

He made a point of reassuring me he was experienced at playing according to SSC and RACK. We spoke a bit about our respective experiences with the kind of play we had planned and I was reassured that he was the kind of partner I could trust to play safely with.

We descended into the main play area of the dungeon together!

He made me stand and confess my poor adherence to office policy regarding fraternising with colleagues and executives. I’d been fraternising in the stationary closet, on the copy machine, under the desk. I fraternised with the janitor, the boss, and an entire boardroom full of investors all before morning tea.

Bad subordinate. Disciplinary action.

He stripped me naked, made me crawl to him, throat fucked me hard, handcuffed me, blindfolded me, sodomised me with a dildo, dragged me to the spanking bench, paddled my ass, dragged me to the cross, chained me up, inserted the stainless steel anal hook in my ass and ran a rope through a ring on the hook and tied the rope off to a karabiner on a suspension point above me with enough tension in the rope so I had to stand on tip toes.

Then he played with my clit. I was very wet and excited already. I love being treated rough by an experienced and trustworthy partner. I came quickly and without asking permission.

More punishment.

By this stage I was deep in sub space and having a great time. He was also very immersed in the moment. But he still kept checking in with me and making sure I saw each implement and communicated clearly about what was happening. What happened was a lot of spanking. Hard but as agreed, without leaving marks. Then when he was ready, he bent me over, put a condom on and fucked my ass hard until he came.

I think there is a bathroom at the dungeon for cleaning up but we were close to the time limit for the dungeon rental so we just got dressed. Barely dressed in my case. He looked respectable. I looked like a half naked slut who’d just taken a beating, got ass fucked senseless and loved every minute of it.

As we left he mentioned maybe getting me to come to Paris to play at his favourite dungeon there. That’s a Oui from me!

My security buddy was there to meet me so we went to a pub over the road for one drink. I stood at the bar and told him about the session, still slippery and soaking wet from lube and my own pussy juice and still without panties with my hard nipples straining at my see through blouse.

I had another booking to get ready for so we didn’t stay long at the pub before getting an uber back to my place so I could have a much needed shower.

Elust 162 cover Marco Napoli

Elust 162

Image courtesy of Marco Napoli.

Welcome to Elust 162

Always a pleasure to read through all the sexy blog posts included in the latest edition of Elust!

Product Reviews

Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator Review

A toy review from Safelust.

Sex Work

Panty Selling

Cheating Husband Punished by Latex Mistress

A Man in Uniform with a Big Truncheon

Featured Search Results

Sexy sex workers including my policeman role play post.

Erotic Fiction

Innocent Nanny voyeurism

Ring of Fire

Turned Into A Kinky Puppy For Mistress


The nanny story from Asrai Devin is my favourite. Gave me some ideas for a session I could do with a favourite regular of mine.

Books and Movies

Mirror Secret Mirror Book Review

I’ve read some of the excerpts. Love it! What an imagination Jessica has.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Celebrating Self-exploration and its Benefits

Need more reasons to masturbate?

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Single Column Tie: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

GUEST BLOG – Kylie Cockwhore Kinky Commentary Part One

How To Set Effective Protocol in a 24/7 Dynamic

A simple knot from Barefoot sub, a slutty guest poster on Morgan Destera’s blog and some great tips from Silken Claws on D/s.


A Man in Uniform with a Big Truncheon.

A client I’d met once before pre covid with his girlfriend was back in town from New York recently and contacted me to arrange  2 sessions.

He was alone this time and called me come to his hotel on Friday night day night.

He’s not into sex or his own orgasms. He likes latex, spanking and toys.

At the hotel I wore red latex and he used the latex shine spray to polish me.

Once I was suitably shiny, he put me over his knee, pulled my latex skirt up over my bottom and spanked me by hand.

We had a lot of fun together at the hotel but he had some ideas for activities which could be better enjoyed together in a dungeon.

So he called me again on Saturday

night and asked me to arrange a dungeon.

I booked an hourly rental dungeon belonging to a friend of mine.

The dungeon is elegant and luxuriously appointed with wall and ceiling mirrors and white wood floors. It comes equipped with fetters, whipping bench and a swing.

We met up at the dungeon and one of the first things that caught my eye was a policeman’s hat hanging with the fetish masks and hoods provided.

police hat

It matched perfectly with my truncheon dildo and a body harness so I begged him to wear the hat and harness and fuck me with the truncheon. Always been a fantasy. He loved the idea.

The big truncheon has a grip that’s easy to hold onto firmly no matter how slippery it gets so he was able to lube me up copiously and fuck me hard with the truncheon while playing with my ass with the other hand.

truncheon dildo

He put me in the sling and first put one finger, then two, three, four, up my tight asshole while he thrust the big truncheon in and out of my pussy with the other hand. Eventually he managed to get his whole fist up my ass. I was in heaven.

When it seemed like I couldn’t have any more orgasms, he chained me to the cross and plugged in the magic wand vibrator. I could barely walk afterwards. Good times!

Elust 161

Welcome to Elust 161.

Image courtesy of Vicky Vette.
So much quality content in the latest edition of Elust and the cover image of Vicky Vette
is making me wetter than that orange bikini.

Product Reviews

Funzze Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe

TOY TEST – PinkPunch PEACHU Clit Sucker

B-Vibe Trio Rechargeable Butt Plug Review

Harrow Bulb Depth Trainer From John Thomas Toys Review

I’ve heard good things about clit suckers. Shame that one didn’t live up to the hype.

Erotic Fiction

Red Rose – first chapter of MIRROR SECRET MIRROR


Matthew meets Jamie

Behind the Lens: A Tale of Intimacy and Artistry

I especially liked Liz X’s bossy photographer.

Erotic Non Fiction

Cock Sucking – An Oral Fixation

“block my nostrils with your weighty sac.” Yes, please!

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Why Lifestyle D/s?

In a Pinch

Male Chastity: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know where I like getting pinched?

Sex Work

Gangbang Fantasy

A Duo with Ruth and Her Habibi

Why do we Need a Search Engine for Independent Sex Worker Websites?

I’d love to see more sex workers getting enough clients directly from our websites so we don’t rely on escort directories. The top directories in USA, Eros and tryst are best known for handing sex workers real identities over to the feds and taking months to verify new accounts respectively. Here in UK the top directory, adultwork, looks like a website from the 90s and has the worst customer service of any business on the planet. Personal websites are the future. Make sure yours is indexed on sex worker search.

State of the World

Is It Time to Reevaluate Our Spending on Pleasure and Entertainment?

You can never have too many sex toys.

Books and Movies

Recent Reading

Books on polyamory.

Writing about Writing

Adventures in Writing: Learning Lessons from Three Regrets of my Writing Life

Lessons from Mischa Eliot. She has a lot to teach us.


Miami Girl

I pictured the girl in my imagination as Salma Hayek doing her snake dance in From Dusk til Dawn but in the shower and without the snake.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Sexy things that are really NOT that sexy!

Whipped cream maybe. Anything sticky, no thank you.

Sandra gangbang

Gangbang Fantasy

I love dirty minded perverts and my latest gentleman friend who I met yesterday was extremely filthy so we had a great time together.

I visited his hotel and he was a perfect, polite gentleman. He immediately paid my fee without me needing to ask, offered me a drink and made me feel welcome and at ease.

First we discussed his preferences and I’d assured him I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he shared his deepest, darkest desires with me.

I’m very experienced and open minded. I genuinely love it when my clients explore their kinks with me. My new friend seemed to get a sense that I could be entrusted with his most secret fantasies.

He started by telling me how he’d like to see me approached by a gang of men in the street, surrounded and commented on in the most lecherous terms.

Then the men would notice that instead of getting scared, I was thanking them for the comments they were making about my firm ass and tight pussy and inviting them to come and touch me. I wanted them to use me.

That was his fantasy that the gang of men would tear my clothes off and fuck me three at a time in my pussy, ass and throat until they’d all finished using me and then just leave me collapsed, exhausted, sprawled on the dirty ground, naked in a pool of their cum.

We talked about all the details of how these men he was imagining would humiliate me and degrade me.

He was stroking his cock while we spoke. He stood over me as I sat in the edge of his bed. I was very wet and excited too so with his permission, I took of my panties and played with myself.

I came first while he was calling me a dirty slut and a whore and he shot his cum all over my face.

That was my introduction to what I’m sure will be a regular meeting. Looking forward to seeing where our imaginations will take us next time we meet and can’t wait to feel his hot spunk all over my face again!

Elust 160 Anneke Van Buren

Elust 160


Welcome to Elust 160

I’m honoured to have my Kinky Girlfriend Experience post appear alongside the work of so many awesome sex bloggers in the latest edition of Elust!

The cover Image this month is courtesy of elegant, blonde, mature, dominant, vastly experienced Goddess, Anneke Van Buren.

Product reviews

Strap-On-Me P&G Spot Dildo Review

Review Of The Equestrian Leather Cat O’nine Tails Flogger By Liebe Seele

Lonesome Dragon- Sex Swings

Erotic Fiction

The Masked Stranger

Bedroom Eyes 24

Quickies: My Stepbrother Secretly Banged Me In The Basement

Alone Now


Writing about Writing

I’m Now Doing Kinky Comic Books!

Erotic Non Fiction

Become A Queen For The Day

Gravity and Kitchens

Sissifying Sammie

A Medicinal Blow Job in Winslow, Arizona

Sex Work

Sissy Forced Bi at Facility X Dungeon

Kinky Girlfriend Experience

A Wee Spanking in Scotland

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

DIY Sex Dungeon- Turn Your Home Into an Adult Playground

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

From Hand To Mouth And Beyond

Sandra Kinky Girfriend Experience

Kinky Girlfriend Experience

A regular who I’ve been seeing for many years came to see me last week.

He’s very kinky and open minded. We’ve done all sorts of things together over the years.

On this occasion his request was straightforward.

He wanted me on my knees for a blowjob and then sex in missionary position.

He wanted it to be sensual and for our time together to feel like a romantic date as a couple.

Kind of a girlfriend experience. That term is used to describe all sorts of completely different experiences as everyone seems to have their own definition so it’s kind of meaningless. But we know each other well now so I knew exactly what he wanted.

I also know he loves boots and PVC so I wore my platform stiletto thigh high PVC boots and PVC corset.

Kinky GFE!

He’s a bit of a size queen too. He loves it when I’m standing in front of him in my platform stilettos, towering over him. The experience of having a PVC clad, giantess girlfriend who also happens to be highly skilled at fellatio.

We had a great time and we were already discussing the details of our next session as he was getting dressed. We kissed goodbye and I noticed he’d gotten hard again. Horny boyfriend! But he had an appointment to get to so he made his way back to reality as best he could with a big smile on his face and a semi erection tucked away in his pants.

Elust 159

Image courtesy of Ivy Maddox.

Welcome to Elust 159.

Every month, Elust brings together the best of the best sex bloggers in one place. You’ll find a variety of content including sex journalism, erotic literature, relationship guidance, and discussions about kink in the links to follow.


Erotic Fiction

Jerusalem Mortimer, Bedroom Eyes 20

Asrai Devin, Mr. Welsh and the Bathtub

Mirror Secret Mirror, The Master Plan – Part 11

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Musings of a Switch, Foreplay

A Leap of Faith, Never bored with a board game

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Liz X, Collars And Cuffs: Japanese Vs American Bondage Equipment

Sextoydb, The Ultimate Guide to Diaper Kinks, ABDL, and Infantilism

LockedupL, Pegging

Evolving Your Man, Ask Emma: Can Cuckolding Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

On Her Back, How to Get the Most Out Strap-On Sex: 7 Tips

Sex Work

Oz Bigdownunder, Podopheleus Triple-Formed Review

Lady in Latex, Secretary Role-Play

Lady Phoenix, My Dungeon Valentine

Me, Erotic Body Slide Massage

Tulsi Tamora, Can an Escort Really Be Authentic?

Writing about writing

Mischa Elliot, Adventures in Writing: Dear Teenage Me…

Erotic Non Fiction

Pieces of Jade, My Girlie Bits

Denying Thumper, Orgasmic party tricks

Books and Movies

Sapora Knight, You Get to Define Your Sexuality on Your Terms

Product Reviews

Miss Ruby Reviews, Liberator Esse Luxury Sex Lounger

Erotic Body Slide Massage

I met with a gentleman for the first time last week who asked me for an erotic body slide massage.

My speciality!

He arrived at the agreed time at my incall location in Marylebone near Bond Street tube.

I buzzed him into my building and greeted him at the door to my flat already naked as he requested. I hid behind the door as I let him in for his discretion and mine in case my neighbours walked past at the exact wrong moment.

After I’d poured a small bottle of water into  glass for him, we’d had had a quick chat to get to know each other, sorted out the paperwork, he went to my bathroom to freshen up and I got my warmed oils ready.

When he came back from the bathroom I held him, kissed and caressed him and walked him to my king size bed covered in a fitted rubberized, water and oil proof sheet from Sheets of San Francisco.

I also have a massage table which is great for really leaning with my weight and pressing down on someone’s body supported by a firm surface for the maximum effect of a therapeutic massage. But for a sex body slide, the bed is better.

Once he was on his front I massaged his back, neck and shoulders firmly with plenty of oil and made sure he could feel my nipples on his back as I leaned forward to reach every inch of his body with long, slow strokes with my hands, forearms and elbows for those spots that need the most pressure to ease out the tension.

Once he was fully relaxed, I began to caress between his thighs, stroking his buttocks, paying special attention to his perineum, balls and around his ass. Some guys like to receive a prostate massage at this point but my new friend was very happy just to feel my fingers lightly tease outside of his butthole.

By the time I started the body slide, I could feel that he was very ready and eager to roll over and have sex but I teased him a little longer until he couldn’t wait another second.

Elust 158 pilen bondage pic

Elust 158

Image courtesy of Pilen.

Elust features an incredible selection of quality sex blog posts in Elust 158.

It was a pleasure reading all the sexy blog posts included this month.

Whenever I look at my analytics, I see a lot of new views coming from Elust re-posts.

Participating regularly in Elust is a brilliant way to reach a wider audience and to help promote talented bloggers.

Thank you to Oz for including my post and for everything he does for the sex blogging community. I know he dedicates a lot of time and effort to curating and publishing Elust and even donates a generous prize every month to encourage collaboration and co-promotion.

Erotic Non Fiction

Why on earth wouldn’t I want to live the rest of my life as a woman?

Thoughts on gender and sexuality from Girlieboy.

Friday, I’m in Love

Mr Friday sounds like a perfect masochistic sub for Mistress Victory.

His Fingers

Got to love a handy man with sexy hands.

Erotic Fiction

Working From Home Nightmare

A video conference meeting gets an eyeful of Alissa Thorne.

Dating Isn’t So Bad After All

A promising date for Barefoot Sub.

Baby Girl Tease

Asrai Devin presents an obedient sub and her strict Dom.

Sex Work

Theatre and a Threesome. A Duo Date with Mackenzie Beckles

Hellga has the perfect end to the perfect night out. A bisexual threesome!

Eiffel Towers and Assgasms. Duo with Goddess Cleo and FoXtress

Oz’s adventures with two strapped colleagues and a very accommodating bottom.

Playing with Myself with my New Thrusting Dildo

My new best friend!

Product Reviews

TOY TEST – Propinkup Bunny Elf Clitoral Sucker

A toy that proves to be better than expected reviewed by Morgan Destera.

John Thomas Toys POD Platinum Silicone Stretcher Review

What a monster! Joanne reviews.

Cosmo Flogger

A shame this flogger is so flimsy. It looks beautiful.

New Fleshlight Boost Line-Up

The latest male masturbators presented by Safelust.

Books and Movies

Thoughts on Anne Rice’s ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty’

A book review thanks to Mirror Secret Mirror.

O Fantasma (2000): The Celluloid Dungeon

History of BDSM with a movie review.


Sayonara 2022, I’m so thrilled to see you go

A 2023 much better than 2022 is on the cards for Mischa Eliot

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

EVEN MORE Truths about Dating as a Sex Industry Professional

Super Smash Cache blogs about dating.

Quality is the key

Master’s Pleasing Bitch shares her thoughts on Body Count, the total number of sexual partners.

Awesome Sex

The key to great sex according to Musings of a Switch.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Shiny Things

Hannah McKnight looks gorgeous in an outfit from En Femme.

Chastity and FemDom Tasks List Story – Part 5

Two Mistresses dominate a pair of slaves.

sandra with thrusting dildo 2

Playing with Myself with my New Thrusting Dildo


Sometimes a girl’s just got to have fun so that’s when I reach for my toy box and entertain myself with whichever toys take my fancy. This time it was my new Thrusting dildo and my doxy wand.

The thrusting dildo is made by Funzze. Highly recommended. Here’s Oz’s review of it.

If you have someone to lend a hand, it’s much easier to handle one toy than two. Reaching down to keep a grip on both of these kind of works but it’s much easier to relax and focus on all the sensations if the thrusting dildo is held in someone else’s hand or suctioned onto a smooth hard surface.

Luckily I had a man handy but I did try out the suction cup and it works perfectly.

I have a theory that DP would be even better. Who wants to come and test that theory? For science!

Elust 152 cover Margot webp

Elust 152

Image courtesy of Margot Alderton.

Welcome to Elust 152.

Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month.
Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #153? Send in a post anytime and Oz will add it to the next edition.

Please subscribe to email updates to receive two emails per month from Elust. A reminder once a month on the 1st send in submissions and a copy of the latest edition of Elust on the 15th of every month.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Hard To Come By- Barefoot’s Orgasm Journey

Lots of orgasms! Wishing many more Os for Barefoot Sub.

Gauging up

Stay tuned for bigger and bigger genital jewellery.

Sex Work

La Belle Horizontale

One night in Paris with Lilly.

Foxy Couple

Oz is the man for MMF.

Birthday Gangbang

Another year, another 12 loads of cum on my face.

I love Roleplay

Me too.

Erotic Fiction

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birthday gangbang

Birthday Gangbang


It’s my birthday this month.

I decided as part of my birthday celebrations to have a gangbang event with Oz.

I won’t say which day my birthday is exactly, but I’m Leo the lion.

Leos are meant to be Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate.

Sounds about right!

Leos are said to love basking in the spotlight and celebrating themselves.

I think gangbangs are very theatrical. I get to take centre stage and be the focus of so much combined sexual energy. I love it. The slapping sounds of all the guys wanking furiously to produce cumshots to shoot all over my face for the bukkake finale sounds a lot like applause. I’ll happily bask in their adulation. And their cum.

As always, we’re advertising the event via Fetlife.

Some of the guys who’ve been regular attendees of many of my gangbangs and bukkake parties in the past have already contacted me to say they will attend.

Last time we hosted an event was about 6 months ago and it was for Bukkake only.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and cocks, and meeting some sexy new gangbangers too.

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bukkake feb 2022

My Bukkake Events are Back!


I finally got back on Fetlife Events and listed a new Bukkake Party!

I’ve been looking forward to this for years.

The last one was about 2 years ago and I haven’t had the opportunity since.

Now restrictions have eased and its possible once more to invite 5 or 10 guys to cum on my face.

So Happy 🙂

bukkake is back

In the past I’ve allowed anyone to rsvp to my events but what tends to happen is I get 40 or 50 guys RSVP and only 5 or 10 show up. I thinl a lot of the other 40 or 45 guys were just putting themselves on the rsvp list with no intention of attending the parties and just wanted to send me pointless messages for the thrill of chatting to a real woman on the Internet.

So this time I set it so people could only rsvp if I manually approved them.

The condition to have an rsvp request approved was that they had to either have showed up to one of my past events or they had to pay in advance for their ticket by PayPal.

Then all the messages I got from guys I’d never met before, I just replied with a copy and paste message telling them how to pay for their ticket.

Two new guys paid up front for tickets and the rest were all regulars. The regular guys all paid cash on the day.

Oz and I went to meet them outside a nearby pub at the agreed time and brought them back to our flat. We picked up some drinks from the off license on the way.

It’s more discreet to bring them in at the same time, otherwise if we give them the address it’s too many people ringing the buzzer and opening and closing the door. We don’t want to bother our neighbours.

I put some music on when we got inside and Oz got everyone drinks. The guests took turns to go wash up quickly in the bathroom and then when everyone was ready I got down on my knees and started sucking.

I was so turned on with all those cocks surrounding me I had to beg Oz to pass me my doxy wand so I could play with myself while the guests took turns face-fucking me.

They chatted amongst themselves while they waited their turn. Mostly about other events they’d been to. I couldn’t really concentrate enough to follow the details and couldn’t say much since I always had a cock in my throat but I did ask Oz to make a note of the names of some of the events they were talking about that I liked the sound of.

One of my favourite regulars was there and he suggested we should do a gangbang event for Valentines Day. Good idea!

I’d really like a piss gangbang where all the guys use me for a toilet. Ideally at a dungeon with a wet room like Facility X.

Let me know in the comments if you like the idea of the the Valentines gangbang or the Piss bang or if there are any events in London for greedy girls that you recommend.