MMF duo pic by midjourney

MMF Duo with Oz Bigdownunder


Image courtesy of Midjourney AI.

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program that creates images from whatever description you give it.

You can even ask it to create the picture in the style of a specific artist.

I wanted an image that would work well with this blog post about an MMF DP Duo with Oz Bigdownunder and a regular client of ours.

So I registered on Discord, paid for a subscription and asked Midjourney to make a picture in the style of Frank Frazetta of two men embracing one blonde woman.

The featured image is what Midjourney created. One of the guys seems to have six fingers but apart form that it’s pretty good!

This was the prompt I gave the AI = “A full length fantasy image of three people = two men and one woman. Two, strong, muscular men, one lighter, one darker, embracing a beautiful, blonde woman in the style of a romance novel book cover if the novel was illustrated by Frank Frazetta. The two men are embracing the same woman at the same time. The woman is in the middle.”

I had to play around with the wording a bit before it got the idea. At first it kept creating very vanilla images of one man and one woman cuddling but with a few extra sentences reinforcing the idea that it’s a threesome without saying threesome since that would offend the delicate sensibilities of the robot, it did create something quite perfect.

They make a lovely throuple. It looks like they just parachuted out of a plane to go on safari together. The boys are sharing one shirt. The six fingered man’s coiffure is magnificent.

I bought some credits on Open AI so I could try the same prompt with Dall-E but the images it created were all a bit too spooky. Midjourney handled the faces far batter than Dall-E which always seems to make people look like bits of Mr Potato melted together by Pablo Picasso.

Anyway, where was I. That’s right, getting fucked left, right and centre by two strapping, well-hung, bisexual studmuffins.

In the end, Oz came in my pussy. He’s the only one who can do that. He’s on PREP, we both got tested recently and we know everything about each others sexual proclivities. I trust him. He trusts me. He gets to spunk in my vaginal cavity. Then our man friend, who doesn’t have six fingers, licked me clean, gave me a deep French kiss then jerked himself off and came all over my face. And we rode off into the sunset on the back of an especially strong horse and all lived happily ever after.