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Elust 168

Image courtesy of Adrianna Assante.

“Principle Decisions” by Thea Belmont is praised for its deep character exploration and BDSM themes.

“I Love a Man in Uniform (1993): The Celluloid Dungeon” explores the descent of a bank clerk turned actor into obsession with a police officer role.

“Exit To Eden” by Anne Rice is criticized for its handling of BDSM themes.

“What’s Wrong With Forced Feminization?” reflects on the cultural and psychological aspects of this kink.

“A little pick me up” discusses the therapeutic effects of rope suspension for emotional relief.

“BDSM Aftercare” emphasizes the importance of aftercare in BDSM activities.

“Unlocking Pleasure: 14 Essential Prodomme Tips for Baby Subs” offers guidance for new individuals in BDSM.

“Tender Domination” narrates a couple’s exploration of dominance and submission.

“The Ghost of Timor – Ch.21 – End” concludes an erotic fiction story.

“Sexy Ghost Story – Mia’s Books” introduces an erotic tale involving a ghostly seduction.

“Squeeze me Please Me” provides an informative guide to cock rings.

“Double Deflowering” describes a BDSM session focusing on anal deflowering.

“Happy Poo Emoji” my post about a scat fetish session.

“What to Do When Your Sexual Expectations Fail You?” addresses sexual performance anxiety and expectations.

“Revolting Prostitutes Book Review” reviews a book advocating for sex workers’ rights.

“Tracy’s Dog Flowliper Vibrator” review highlights its features and drawbacks.

“Review: Velvet Thruster Prime” evaluates a modular thruster with mixed feedback.

“RawLoveStudio Moonbean Unicorn Dildo” praises a fantasy unicorn horn dildo.

“Uncle Bob Silicone Dildo From John Thomas Toys” Bob is a big boy.

“Qiui BeatPat Electro-Spanker Review” provides a negative review of an electro-spanker.

“Keeping Your Toys Clean: A Guide to Protecting Your Health and Pleasure” emphasizes the importance of cleaning sex toys for hygiene and safety.