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Sex Sling


One of my regulars would like to buy me a sex sling and he asked me to choose which one I’d like.

I’ve wanted The Red VIP leather sling set from Regulation ever since I first saw it on their site a few years ago.

It’s a really beautiful sling. The whole thing is made from very thick, strong leather connected with stainless steel rivets. It can support up to 200kg and it’s built to last.

I’ve been on a few slings in different dungeons and at fetish parties and some are too loose and strappy and not very comfortable. Some only support the lower back and shoulders but have no neck support.

The Red, has a padded seat and back rest and a pillow to support the neck and head. It’s super comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

My dream sling!

Unfortunately, Regulation doesn’t have them in stock but he’s contacted another European distributor and just waiting to hear back.

Can’t wait to get fucked with my legs spread in the ankle straps. The swinging motion really amplifies the impact when you’re hanging in a sling getting pounded. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.