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Elust 163 cover Jordan Maxx

Elust 163

The Elust 163 Cover Image is courtesy of  Jordan Maxx. What a hotty!

Read on for the best new sex blog posts on kink, fetish, sex and relationships, sex toys, spanking, sex work and erotica.

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sandra blue door dungeon

Blue Door Dungeon

A new client contacted me last week and got straight to the point saying he’d already booked a dungeon for that evening and would like me to join him there as a professional submissive to receive a spanking.

He told me the time, location and what he would like to do. 6pm, Blue Door Dungeon, handcuffs, blindfold, spanking with wooden paddle and stainless steel anal hook.

He asked me to come to meet him dressed in a secretary uniform. High heels, stockings, short skirt and sheer blouse with no bra or panties.

All fine with me. He agreed to my rate and to my limits. Security buddy to drop me off, cash up front, safety call to my security buddy after payment, no bruises, marks or injuries, my safe words to be respected and responded to instantly, security buddy coming back at agreed time to collect me.

I liked his no nonsense approach. Often I need a bit more notice but my Friday evening was free so I was happy to accept.

I arrived at the dungeon at 6pm exactly and he arrived at the same moment so we went in together. I love going commando and wear sheer white tops with no bra at every opportunity so the outfit he’d requested was exactly my style.

Once we were inside the entrance to the dungeon, he paid immediately as agreed. I quickly reiterated my limits and safe words.

He made a point of reassuring me he was experienced at playing according to SSC and RACK. We spoke a bit about our respective experiences with the kind of play we had planned and I was reassured that he was the kind of partner I could trust to play safely with.

We descended into the main play area of the dungeon together!

He made me stand and confess my poor adherence to office policy regarding fraternising with colleagues and executives. I’d been fraternising in the stationary closet, on the copy machine, under the desk. I fraternised with the janitor, the boss, and an entire boardroom full of investors all before morning tea.

Bad subordinate. Disciplinary action.

He stripped me naked, made me crawl to him, throat fucked me hard, handcuffed me, blindfolded me, sodomised me with a dildo, dragged me to the spanking bench, paddled my ass, dragged me to the cross, chained me up, inserted the stainless steel anal hook in my ass and ran a rope through a ring on the hook and tied the rope off to a karabiner on a suspension point above me with enough tension in the rope so I had to stand on tip toes.

Then he played with my clit. I was very wet and excited already. I love being treated rough by an experienced and trustworthy partner. I came quickly and without asking permission.

More punishment.

By this stage I was deep in sub space and having a great time. He was also very immersed in the moment. But he still kept checking in with me and making sure I saw each implement and communicated clearly about what was happening. What happened was a lot of spanking. Hard but as agreed, without leaving marks. Then when he was ready, he bent me over, put a condom on and fucked my ass hard until he came.

I think there is a bathroom at the dungeon for cleaning up but we were close to the time limit for the dungeon rental so we just got dressed. Barely dressed in my case. He looked respectable. I looked like a half naked slut who’d just taken a beating, got ass fucked senseless and loved every minute of it.

As we left he mentioned maybe getting me to come to Paris to play at his favourite dungeon there. That’s a Oui from me!

My security buddy was there to meet me so we went to a pub over the road for one drink. I stood at the bar and told him about the session, still slippery and soaking wet from lube and my own pussy juice and still without panties with my hard nipples straining at my see through blouse.

I had another booking to get ready for so we didn’t stay long at the pub before getting an uber back to my place so I could have a much needed shower.

Elust 162 cover Marco Napoli

Elust 162

Image courtesy of Marco Napoli.

Welcome to Elust 162

Always a pleasure to read through all the sexy blog posts included in the latest edition of Elust!

Product Reviews

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A toy review from Safelust.

Sex Work

Panty Selling

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Featured Search Results

Sexy sex workers including my policeman role play post.

Erotic Fiction

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The nanny story from Asrai Devin is my favourite. Gave me some ideas for a session I could do with a favourite regular of mine.

Books and Movies

Mirror Secret Mirror Book Review

I’ve read some of the excerpts. Love it! What an imagination Jessica has.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

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Need more reasons to masturbate?

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

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A simple knot from Barefoot sub, a slutty guest poster on Morgan Destera’s blog and some great tips from Silken Claws on D/s.