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bukkake feb 2022

My Bukkake Events are Back!


I finally got back on Fetlife Events and listed a new Bukkake Party!

I’ve been looking forward to this for years.

The last one was about 2 years ago and I haven’t had the opportunity since.

Now restrictions have eased and its possible once more to invite 5 or 10 guys to cum on my face.

So Happy 🙂

bukkake is back

In the past I’ve allowed anyone to rsvp to my events but what tends to happen is I get 40 or 50 guys RSVP and only 5 or 10 show up. I thinl a lot of the other 40 or 45 guys were just putting themselves on the rsvp list with no intention of attending the parties and just wanted to send me pointless messages for the thrill of chatting to a real woman on the Internet.

So this time I set it so people could only rsvp if I manually approved them.

The condition to have an rsvp request approved was that they had to either have showed up to one of my past events or they had to pay in advance for their ticket by PayPal.

Then all the messages I got from guys I’d never met before, I just replied with a copy and paste message telling them how to pay for their ticket.

Two new guys paid up front for tickets and the rest were all regulars. The regular guys all paid cash on the day.

Oz and I went to meet them outside a nearby pub at the agreed time and brought them back to our flat. We picked up some drinks from the off license on the way.

It’s more discreet to bring them in at the same time, otherwise if we give them the address it’s too many people ringing the buzzer and opening and closing the door. We don’t want to bother our neighbours.

I put some music on when we got inside and Oz got everyone drinks. The guests took turns to go wash up quickly in the bathroom and then when everyone was ready I got down on my knees and started sucking.

I was so turned on with all those cocks surrounding me I had to beg Oz to pass me my doxy wand so I could play with myself while the guests took turns face-fucking me.

They chatted amongst themselves while they waited their turn. Mostly about other events they’d been to. I couldn’t really concentrate enough to follow the details and couldn’t say much since I always had a cock in my throat but I did ask Oz to make a note of the names of some of the events they were talking about that I liked the sound of.

One of my favourite regulars was there and he suggested we should do a gangbang event for Valentines Day. Good idea!

I’d really like a piss gangbang where all the guys use me for a toilet. Ideally at a dungeon with a wet room like Facility X.

Let me know in the comments if you like the idea of the the Valentines gangbang or the Piss bang or if there are any events in London for greedy girls that you recommend.