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Elust 170 Jo Koss

Elust 170 is Sexier Than a Black Tie Gangbang.

Elust 170 is now live with my Duo with TS Ama post included. Brilliant collection of sexy writing as always and I love the cover Image by Jo Koss! Gives me an idea for my next Gangbang or Bukkake party. I’ll make it a black tie event and ask all the gents to wear suits 🙂

Books and Movies

History of BDSM Roman Scandals (1933): The Celluloid Dungeon

Movie trivia = one of the naked slave girls chained to the wall is Lucille Ball.

Erotic Fiction

When Jerry Met Ali Voyeur

Watching out for the sequel. My money says Camilla is going to end up having a threesome with them.

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 32

There should be more mollusc themed pet names if you ask me. Scallop.

Jasmine Gold Hyperion Man

Ever got turned on reading about bankers and lawyers networking after a corporate meeting? Trust me, you will.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

barefoot sub The Impact Of Running

This almost makes me want to go running. Almost.

Pain as Pleasure Burn And Rave At Close Of Day

Dylan Thomas’s excellent advice.

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J The Girlfriend Experience: What Sets My Heart Racing and Ignites Desire

Huddersfield Escort extraordinaire with all you need to know about GFE.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Buzz Vibes The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Satisfaction for New Couples

If everyone read this. I’d be out of a job..

Product Reviews

Sex Toy DB E-Stim Systems Large Torpedo Review

Looks awesome. Maybe don’t take it in your hand luggage.

Sex Work

Amelia Swann Couples and Curiosity

I take back what I said about the buzz vibes post, I love sexy couples with great communication. If you’re a couple, read that and this , then come and see me!

Fox Digital Can AI Deblur Your Photos And Identify You?


The Lady Phoenix Vision in Crimson

Love a good sissy session.

Carrie Young Introducing The Working Submissive

Likewise, I’ve figured out almost everything I know about being submissive as a sex worker via trial and error. The pro sub world needs this resource.

Sandra Duo with TS Ama

My duo with Ama.

Hellga Latex Fantasy Session with Poppers Gas Mask

Tis the season to wear latex and gas masks. While it’s not too hot and sweaty.

Oz Valentine’s Day Voyeur Duo with Kensley

Romantic 🙂

Sex Worker Search Clientopedia

The A to Z of safely booking a session with a sex worker.


Musings of a Switch An independent artist search

Brb, off to watch some hentai.

Writing about writing

Ramone Quides Welcoming in 2024 with Writer’s Block

Ramone’s a great sex blogger. I’m sure inspiration will return.

ts ama

Duo with TS Ama

My regular client who always meets me when he’s in London contacted me recently and asked if I know any sexy TS escorts.

I do!

I sent him a link to my friend Ama’s twitter.

Lust at first sight!

So we arranged a day and time for the duo (trio) here at my flat in Marylebone.

The first hour was 1-1 my gentleman friend and I and then Ama joined us for 2 hours.

For the first hour I dressed my man as a sissy in a slutty latex outfit with high heels.

I named my new sissy slut Chrissy.

Chrissy helped me into my latex and we both needed plenty of silicone spray to get our latex nice and glistening.

Four hands are better than two for polishing latex. Chrissy and I both lent a hand or two for polishing. Plenty of ass polishing. Got to get the ass nice and shiny.

On my command, Chrissy practiced her strut and butt wiggle parading her shiny ass up and down my living room.

She was a bit wobbly at first but with the right encouragement, Chrissy got the hang of her catwalk. The little half turn and pose move I got her to do was especially seductive.

Chrissy and I both enjoyed some anal play together to get our asses ready for Ama who was eager to join in and fuck both of us.

When Ama arrived she ws wearing Bordelle lingerie which was gorgeous but soon came off so she could change into her own sexy latex outfit from Lady Lucie Latex. Ama looked spectacular in her latex and Louboutins. Perfect match with me in my own latex outfit from Honour with my Pleaser boots.

Chrissy showed Ama the strut she’d been practicing. Shook her little tush on the catwalk.

I fucked Chrissy with a strap on while Ama throat fucked her. High five, of course. The Eiffel tower.

My weapon of choice was the Fun Factory Boss pink silicone dildo on my favourite strap on harness.

Ama fucked me in the ass. And a damn fine ass fucking it was too.

Champagne for everyone.

After our bubbles break, Ama fucked Chrissy from behind with me lying underneath in 69.

I could tell from Chrissy’s rock hard, throbbing sissy clit and the noises she was making that she was almost immediately very close to cumming but Ama was able to set the pace and slow things down and I was careful to edge Chrissy to prolong our pleasure.

The three of us were in perfectly synchronised throes of passion as if we were a lifelong throuple.

Chrissy came first and Ama pulled out and came all over me while I was having my own earth shaking orgasm, thrashing and splashing around in the giant puddle of cum my two latex fuck buddies had almost drowned me in.

My happy place. Post orgasmic and wallowing in sperm.

We all got in the shower and took our time getting cleaned up, said goodnight and after they’d left I activated my new vacuum cleaner robot, Owen, with his mop attachment to clean up all the latex polish and spunk off my tiles. If Owen gets pregnant, he’s going to make beautiful cyborg babies.