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Sandra Kinky Girfriend Experience

Kinky Girlfriend Experience

A regular who I’ve been seeing for many years came to see me last week.

He’s very kinky and open minded. We’ve done all sorts of things together over the years.

On this occasion his request was straightforward.

He wanted me on my knees for a blowjob and then sex in missionary position.

He wanted it to be sensual and for our time together to feel like a romantic date as a couple.

Kind of a girlfriend experience. That term is used to describe all sorts of completely different experiences as everyone seems to have their own definition so it’s kind of meaningless. But we know each other well now so I knew exactly what he wanted.

I also know he loves boots and PVC so I wore my platform stiletto thigh high PVC boots and PVC corset.

Kinky GFE!

He’s a bit of a size queen too. He loves it when I’m standing in front of him in my platform stilettos, towering over him. The experience of having a PVC clad, giantess girlfriend who also happens to be highly skilled at fellatio.

We had a great time and we were already discussing the details of our next session as he was getting dressed. We kissed goodbye and I noticed he’d gotten hard again. Horny boyfriend! But he had an appointment to get to so he made his way back to reality as best he could with a big smile on his face and a semi erection tucked away in his pants.