Elust 174 catalina-cruz

Elust 174

Cover image courtesy of Catalina Cruz. Subscribe to Catalina’s Onlyfans for naughty selfies, kinky photos and exclusive video clips.

Erotic Non Fiction

Voyageur Maggie and Paul

A short story exploring the complexities of a relationship marked by power dynamics and deep emotional bonds.

Kristina J Kink and Fetish

This post explores the variety and complexity of kinks and fetishes, emphasizing the importance of consent and communication in these practices.

Beyond Non Binary The Last Supper: a final night of “manhood” before sex reassignment surgery

reflecting on identity and transition

Erotic Fiction

barefoot sub Little Caged Dick Invites Consequences

chastity play

FYHO Her Boys

The dynamics of a polyamorous relationship

Jasmine Gold A Submissive’s First Threesome


Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 36: The End

The final installment in the “Bedroom Eyes” series

Product Reviews

Morgan Destera TOY TEST – Funzze Steel Double-Ended Dildo

High performance and versatility

Liz X Likes Small but Mighty: Exploring the Delights of the Primo Wand Vibrator by Screaming O

compact size and powerful vibrations

Sex Toy DB Nothosaur “Hunter Jack” Horse Dildo with Tube Review

I’d like to take that for a ride

Sydney Screams Creative Conceptions Unihorn Review and Comparison

They’re too cute!

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Spices of Lust 18 Ideas For Breaking Bedroom Routine

creative suggestions for spicing up sexual routines, encouraging couples to explore new experiences together

Disorderly House BDSM Aftercare

Best practices for ensuring physical and emotional well-being post-scene

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Musings of a Switch Porn Relationships

Big nipples please

Betty’s Toy Box 5 Best Sex Positions for Mind Blowing G-Spot Orgasms

Doggy for me usually but it depends on the shape and size of the cock or toy.

Books and Movies

LA Jayne Pride Month 2024 Queer Movie Recommendations (Part I)

For your viewing pleasure

Sex Work

Oz Bigdownunder Fly Me To La Lune. A Cuckolding Duo With Maxine Lune

Out of this world

Sex Worker Search Tech Stacks. Which Escort Directory Uses What Technology?

Take a look under the hood

Hellga A Bonny Lassie and Her Wee Sporran in Glasgow

An MFF strap on threesome

Sandra Kinky Adventures in Hong Kong

My post.