fetters fuck bench facility x dungeon

Facility X Dungeon

One of my favourite regulars took me to Facility X Dungeon the other day.

He’s a kinky, dominant, dirty minded perv into anal action, big toys and fisting.

Facility X is the perfect setting for our fun and games.

It’s minimalist in decor. Kind of industrial and serious looking for the no nonsense kinkster who likes all their toys clearly arranged, everything neat and clinical and in it’s place, all their furniture built to specifications that could withstand a kaiju attack.

There’s a rather ominous looking sheet metal floor and plastic strip curtains. Butcher shop chic.

Even the four poster bed is made from solid steel and looks like you could hang a tractor off it.

My ass took a prolonged and relentless pounding whilst bent over their beautiful fetters spanking bench. Loved it. I could barely walk afterwards and am still recovering two days later.