mistress volga sandra and ts ama

Vitamin S. A Trio with Mistress Volga and TS Ama.

Mistress Volga extended a tempting offer, inviting me to join her and a client who had a penchant for silk-clad beauties.

TS Ama, adding her own allure, joined us for what promised to be an evening of sensual decadence.

Mistress Volga’s collection of silk was a sexy treasure trove which we eagerly explored. Donning silk panties, gowns, and stockings with suspenders, we indulged in the luxury of the fabric.

My favourite was a pale pink gown by Agent Provocateur.

Mistress Volga preferred her Honey Birdette suspenders and green silk gown.

Ama brought her own Bordello silk suspenders and baby doll silk dress.

Mr S, captivated by the sight of us in our silk finery, traced our curves with reverent hands, lost in the allure of feminine grace. Amidst whispers of champagne and plans for future photoshoots, Mistress Volga and I shared playful pleasures, while Ama and Mr S retreated for a more intimate rendezvous in the bedroom.

A game of blindfolded guess who (‘s giving you a blowjob) added an extra thrill to the night. Mr S guessed the source of his pleasure – Volga, Ama, or myself – with surprising accuracy.

It seemed like his wandering hands touching our outfits were a give away so we tried again naked. He guessed correctly again so by that time he must have already learned to discern our unique fellatio stylings.

Amidst laughter and whispered confessions, the night unfolded, a testament to the intoxicating allure of silk and the depths of desire it inspired.

I didn’t see what happened in the bedroom but Ama later told us it involved her fucking Mr S hard up the ass from behind while giving him a reach around.

A dream come true for Mr S and lots of fun for Volga, Ama and myself too.