Erotic Body Slide Massage

I met with a gentleman for the first time last week who asked me for an erotic body slide massage.

My speciality!

He arrived at the agreed time at my incall location in Marylebone near Bond Street tube.

I buzzed him into my building and greeted him at the door to my flat already naked as he requested. I hid behind the door as I let him in for his discretion and mine in case my neighbours walked past at the exact wrong moment.

After I’d poured a small bottle of water into¬† glass for him, we’d had had a quick chat to get to know each other, sorted out the paperwork, he went to my bathroom to freshen up and I got my warmed oils ready.

When he came back from the bathroom I held him, kissed and caressed him and walked him to my king size bed covered in a fitted rubberized, water and oil proof sheet from Sheets of San Francisco.

I also have a massage table which is great for really leaning with my weight and pressing down on someone’s body supported by a firm surface for the maximum effect of a therapeutic massage. But for a sex body slide, the bed is better.

Once he was on his front I massaged his back, neck and shoulders firmly with plenty of oil and made sure he could feel my nipples on his back as I leaned forward to reach every inch of his body with long, slow strokes with my hands, forearms and elbows for those spots that need the most pressure to ease out the tension.

Once he was fully relaxed, I began to caress between his thighs, stroking his buttocks, paying special attention to his perineum, balls and around his ass. Some guys like to receive a prostate massage at this point but my new friend was very happy just to feel my fingers lightly tease outside of his butthole.

By the time I started the body slide, I could feel that he was very ready and eager to roll over and have sex but I teased him a little longer until he couldn’t wait another second.